My task which I am trying to achieve is, by the power of the written word,
to make you hear, to make you feel – it is, before all, to make you see.

Joseph Conrad

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Make You Sound

Pretty loaded phrase, right? Lots to unpack there.

Here’s what it means to us: We want people talking about you (remarking on you). For all the right reasons. Whether that’s because they love your podcast, because your commercial made them laugh, or because of that great new afternoon DJ on your radio station.

Sounds good, right? (We get that a lot.)

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They Lied To Us

They knew what they were doing all along. We fell for it. And now, it might be too late to stop it. Even now, they tell us that “the AI revolution is coming”. No, the AI revolution started a long, long time ago. And like a science fiction movie where the bad guys have infiltrated and permeated every aspect of

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Where’s My Biscotti?

There’s this cool little coffee shop in my neighborhood. People love it because sure, the coffee’s great and it’s cozy inside. There’s also a ton of delectable little treats like tarts and pastries. Is that starting to sound a little familiar? The little business voice in your head should be thinking, “Okay, right now you’re describing a ton of coffee

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Taken from a classic 1970s TV commercial, the gorilla in the room in this case is actually in a cage, with an unfortunate piece of American Tourister luggage.

The Gorilla In The Room

“Gorilla in the room” is not actually the phrase that people use. It kind of conflates two terms that people do use, “800-pound gorilla” and “elephant in the room”. I’ll let you look those up on your own to establish their origins, but I’m sure the elephant was none too happy about having the gorilla steal his thunder. Look at

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We’ve been making the most of the spoken word since 1981. So for us, making you sound amazing is more than applying some technical wizardry we found in the Help screens on our software. It’s a lifelong passion for excellence, with the smiling faces of literally thousands of happy clients to back it up.

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